Welcome, Visitors

Dear Reader,

This website currently serves as my professional portfolio. Thanks for visiting. My name is Joel Wilcox, and I am a technical writer who specializes in editing and scientific writing. I am also interested in intercultural communication, having lived in both China and Indonesia. My former employers include mostly small businesses, but I most recently worked on contract for a large financial firm. For that job, I wrote about 160 SOPs in 2 months, largely dealing with the firm’s customer accounts day-to-day practices.

This site contains samples of what I consider to be my best work. Note that it’s not limited to technical material; I am a very prolific writer and take equal pride in my professional and personal works. Even my personal writing varies between fiction and essays. Feel free to peruse the archives. If all goes well, I’ll be updating this site with new works as I write them or get permission from former employers to publish them.

For privacy and security’s sake, please do not reprint anything from this site, especially editing samples that I did not personally write.

Thank you,

Joel Wilcox


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